Family and Wedding Photographer Manly Sydney.

Becs Viveash is self representing art photographer. She specializing in intimate, creative style Family Portraiture and lush Weddings. Having studied illustration at St. Martins she then worked as a studio manager in London and India,  a freelance photographer in Indonesia and Malaysia. Becs moved to Sydney in 2018 becoming runner up as Australias Up and Coming Art Photographer 2019 CAPTURE MAGAZINE & Finalist in NB SYDNEY Artist 2020


She provides a high impact, creative photographic service to businesses and private clients throughout Australia and Asia.

"From portraits to places, Viveash’s versatile and vibrant portfolio brings a fresh look to our world and to photography, reviving how we see colour and giving it a new appreciation. Her images are also immensely textural, emotive and imaginative, this innovative work can surely help anyone looking for new inspiration to regenerate their own work or ideas or style"

Jeanine Marteau @ Focus Film and Photography Mag.


         "I dream, explore, create and craft progressive photography. I only smoke after yoga & medieval reenactments & think banana yogurt is largely underrated.  I think I'm definitely one of those soulful voyeuristic types. I'm not sure it's entirely healthy but photography beautifully feeds my addiction and allows me to create the colour filled world as I see it. As a child my bedroom floor was covered with bits of cut up paper, crushed crayons into the carpet, strange objects hanging over lamps to produce strange shadows, scissors stuck together with glue. My creative approach hasn't changed, but I'm now just obsessed with trying to reveal the human soul by creating interesting, layered, texture photographs instead (there is just less hoovering to be done which is a bonus)." 


Peace and Tea,  Becs Viveash


Family and Wedding Photographer Manly Sydney.


Liberty IT (Sydney) Hermes (Kuala Lumpur), Volvo (Sweden) Zurich Insurance (Indonesia), Bug-a-boo, (Kuala Lumper & Indonesia), World Wide Adventures (American) The Honey Combers (Jakarta mag), Little Steps Asia (Jakarta), Artic Music (London), Music Weekly (UK mag), Bangsar Babe (Kuala Lumpur)  Godfrey Knight Designs (London,UK), Fly on The Wall, Wink & Kiss, The Picture Company (Hampshire,uk), The Test Magazine (London,UK), Ambition ltd (London,UK), Daylight Music Events (London,UK). 


Published Print: 

Capture Magazine (Sydney) Abschehoug (Print -Norway) ,The Sunday Times (Print - UK), The Saturday Gaurdian (Print - UK), Vovlo Magazine (Print - Sweden),

The Long Way Home Magazine (Print - America) NOW! Jakarta (Print - Indoneisa) Digital Photographer Magazine (Print - UK) 


We Were All Here (solo) Kuala Lumpur Nov 2017, The Ladies of Jakarta, (solo) Jakarta, March 2014, Free to Fall @ Rich Mix, (solo) London, March 2012.  Years Pics @ Guardian Offices, London, Feb 2011. Simple Beauty @ The online Studio, Pune​ India, June 2009.  'Cause we can @ Jamm, Brixton London, June 2007.


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