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How to Prepare?

I would strongly advise you to think about the poses you want to capture. You need to know what is your strong suit. Are you flexible or great at high kicks or jumping. Practice you ideas before the photo shoot to get the best possible outcome in front of a mirror. Some movements might be cool or feel great while dancing but they might not translate to a great looking  two dimensional image. Look online (web, Instagram  Pinterest) or in dance magazine for inspiration. You are welcome to bring them in order to show exactly what you like. I also come to the shoot with a bible of poses if you feel stuck. Think about several options as some of them may not work. Did I mention practice? Practice your ideas before the shoot as the shoot is for creating.



The most important point is to wear clothes you are confortable with. Of course it needs to suit the look you are after but there are no rules set in stone: you could wear traditional clothes or costumes that are particular to each dance style but you can wear a ballet outfit for a hip-hop move and vice-versa if that is what you want.


In general, it is a good idea to bring several outfits with different colours and tones, some very bright and some more neutral.


Another element to be aware of, is how are your clothes going to look like in the pose you are attempting. Some poses might not be very complimentary with short dresses for example or if you going for an action photo the clothes might not flow as you imagined. The best way to find out is to practice before the shoot in front of a mirror or with an experienced teacher. 



Do you like your hair tied or free flowing? Do you mind if your hair covers your face while upside down or while jumping. Bring lots hair ties, clips, gel, hair spray…whatever you might need.



Entirely up to you and to what you are used to, but some with you in case you need a touch-up.



Whatever works for you and the effect you are after.

Wet wipes can come in handy.


Warm up:

It is very important that you warm up before the photo shoot, firstly so that you are not going to injure yourself but also because you will create much better photos if you do.

$250 30 mins

2 costume changes.

10 images

Bible of poses

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