The CREATIVE SOUP / Mentoring Photographers

2 weeks, 1-on-1 mentoring focusing on exploring your own creative layers through story telling

"From portraits to places, Viveash’s versatile and vibrant portfolio brings a fresh look to our world and to photography, reviving how we see colour and giving it a new appreciation. Her images are also immensely textural, emotive and imaginative, this innovative work can surely help anyone looking for new inspiration to regenerate their own work or ideas or style". Jeanine Marteau @ Focus Film and Photography Mag.

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       After my first meeting with Becs, I came away with the feeling that the part of me that had been shrivelled, tired and ignored had been enticed from that forgotten place to blink its way into the light and existance again. She really is your very own creative cheerleader! Her passion and energy for all things creative bubbles over and you can’t help but feel inspired with every meeting.  Becs gives you some simple yet highly effective methods, broken into easy to understand chunks that will have you reinspired and actually enjoying (and celebrating) the creative process and creating again in generally. I can’t recommend this course highly enough. Is a million stars a rating?

                                       Tanya Gray, Photographer,  Australia

Using Multi-Exposures as a tool to Dream, Explore, Create and Craft progressive Art

2 Weeks 

1-on-1 mentoring

3 x 1 hr private Zoom calls

Exploring you own Creative Layers through Story Telling


Do you have the urge to get your hands messy, brain grubby, and create your art from scratch? Do you want to approach your storytelling from the inside-out? Do you find yourself staring at images on Instagram wondering HOW they did that and WHY the image seems so impactful? 

Learn new techniques, explore the reasons, the why's and when's  to use them. Learn how approaching image making through play, with freedom, can change your whole approach to your client sessions and personal work. Learn how observation in your daily life builds your creative muscle memory.Shift your way of working so art can be made in just 5 mins, as you wait for a bus/ are on the school run/ or eating banana yogurt.
This will be a two-week class, with three private mentoring sessions, that takes place in a digital classroom.

After you sign up you will be sent some in-depth questions and some prep work to do before our first meeting.  This is so I can dig around in your brain with a HB pencil and prepare projects/ creative suggests so you hit the ground running.  

Each week, new assignments/challenges will be presented with ongoing feedback over the two week period.

       "Becs thank you thank you for your amazing mentoring around Double Exposures. It’s taken my work to a whole new level and incorporated a wildness and chaos that I adore and was always just out of reach. Now I feel I fully grasp both the technical and the artistic process. It’s opening up a whole new world and I can express how I see my clients with the depth and energy that I always wanted to. Thank you goddess of Double Exposures!"

                                                                                                                                    Sarah Grasset, Grasset Photography, Malaysia

1 on 1 Mentoring Turning up the Volume on Joy
Let yourself to indulge in Pure, Creative Joy. CELEBRATE YOURSELF and ALL THE TALENT that is already in you. Learn to FALL IN LOVE with your work all over again.

 "Creative Soup- I honestly wasn't quite sure what to expect. Another photographer recommended Becs' class and I figured I would gift it to myself- a little creativity boost as an upcoming birthday gift. I expected to get a creative push and a chance to try something new (which I did)... What I didn't expect was to fall in love with my own work, to have a chance to see my images through someone else's eyes. I didn't expect to create a new creative habit that brings my heart immeasurable joy as I (quite literally) tear apart some of my work to make something new. I didn't expect to go down a rabbit hole of remembering why I love David Bowie... so much. I didn't expect to spend hours talking to someone who seemed to know exactly where my messy thoughts were going. Becs asks the right questions, shares the right inspiration at exactly the right moment and pushes you to realize that it really is all about the process. Creative Soup was exactly what I didn't know I even needed" 

                                                                                                                                                 Lora Ambrose, Photographer, America

$350 AUD 





     "Where to start. Becs has a subtle genius, a way of listening and showing up that is so unobtrusive and so honest, it takes you by surprise before you notice it is there. The way she opens up your creative space is like Marry Poppins leading the children up the cloud stairs. Becs is effortless in making those stairs. I have been so stuck in my box with the constant pull and comparison of social media and the isolation of Covid, that I forgot what it was to think outside the box, and not someone else's box, but mine. Being creative in a way that is authentic to you is so important. So many instructors talk about what worked or works for them, which although can be great information, doesn’t always help you, or can feel dishonest. Becs teaching is so personal. She is able to see through your eyes and guide you to find your art.I went into her class no knowing exactly what to expect and was beyond blown away. Is it possible to be easy and deep at the same time, to feel so grounded and yet light?! If it is, Becs is that. She creates curiosity around your art, a lightness and playfulness that is so endearing and rich, you will want want to dive deeper and create. Honest Creative Soup.”
                                                                                                                                                   Alexa Hartley, Photographer, America

  "I Signing up on whim I had no idea what to expect with Creative Soup - only that the way Becs saw the world and her ability to make art was something that I just wanted to osmose and infuse into my own attitudes toward work, to blur the lines back into play. If I had to sum her up she is a Seer. Becs sees your work but more than that she sees you and you within your work and knows just the right questions to ask and direction to give to help you create from the inside out. With her glorious english accent and simple practical exercises, you find yourself falling back in love with creating for the sake of creating - a joy that is sometimes forgotten beneath the layers of working years. So grateful to start 2021 with Creative Soup…down to earth yet dream provoking, light-hearted yet soul-searching, and somehow everything I needed for this season. Thank you so much Becs, you are a true gem"                     
                                                                                                                                                         Trish, Tealily Photography, Australia


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      "To say it was an eye opener is an understatement. I had no idea what to expect and booked myself in, with a wish to learn more about double exposures and a (now obvious) need to bring a creative art to my storytelling style of photography. What I got was so much more. Becs has this awesomely, empowering enthusiasm that swept me up for the ride. Her kind and brilliant constructive feedback of my work and what I want to do, had my self doubting imposter voice singing to her tune and that has been revolutionary.

So, here I am a month later, with a continued belief that I can make art my way, have fun in the process and when that seed of doubt creeps in, I just channel my inner Becs and go for it! I couldn’t recommend this mini course more, release your inner art goddess and have a great time doing it! Thank you my amazing and inspiring friend for taking me on this journey. Love you long time girl"

Jo De Magneval, Photographer, UK 

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