"From portraits to places, Viveash’s versatile and vibrant portfolio brings a fresh look to our world and to photography, reviving how we see colour and giving it a new appreciation. Her images are also immensely textural, emotive and imaginative, this innovative work can surely help anyone looking for new inspiration to regenerate their own work or ideas or style". Jeanine Marteau @ Focus Film and Photography Mag.

A Letter to You...
"I am the luckiest person in the world to have a parents like you. 
Our family is a safe, loving place full of laughter and fun, creativity and adventure. As  teachers you inspire me to want to learn, explore and grow, always encouraging and supporting.

Sitting on your laps wrapped in a towel after my bath you sing me songs you made up just for me, and I feel like I'm wrapped in love.
You always put me first – you are so incredibly nurturing, so selfless. You have consistently made me feel so loved, as if I was your reason for being. What a wonderful, beautiful thing. "

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What is a PARENTHOOD + Session?

This is your chance to create some beautiful ART together that shows your colour filled hearts.


These motherhood sessions are short and sweet but full of movement, colour and creativity.

All I ask is that you bring along your never ending sense of fun and some of your kids artwork which we can  incorporate into our shoot. This can be anything from a picture of your family made from pasta and glitter,  to toddlers scribbles or a short little poem written by an older child. I want your children to feel proud of our shoot and to show them that they are are huge part of the creative process. 

If these ART sessions sound like your love language  do please fill out the form below with your requested time

I will then direct you to the payment page.  


Sunday 8th August 2021

15 min Sessions

Outside (near Manly Sydney, location TBC)

6 Hi-Res images with Full Print rights for you to download

Private Gallery

10% off any print -production


"I can't fully explain how Becs just turns up, takes photos while chatting to your family, and somehow, only knowing all of you for a heartbeat, knows all of you. I have photos of each of my children (three wild boys) that I look at, and go, how did she know this about them?I hate having my picture taken, and I never felt that I was. There were only a handful of moments when she asked us to do something, and most of the time we were just having a nice morning at our favorite spot. The comfort in her craft really shows, as the photos are beautiful and personal."  Carly Oboudiyat

Time Slots Available