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Kate Michelle Soin - Mother. With regards Family Lifestyle Shoot. - Sydney

"Becs invested so much time on our shoot and it really shows in our photos. She was not at all rushed, made us feel relaxed throughout the shoot, and our toddler absolutely loved her! We could not be happier with our photos, she has captured this moment in time perfectly and we are so grateful for this. Seriously amazing photos, I don’t know how I’ll ever choose favourites! ” 

Clarice Dargan, - Mother. With regards Family Lifestyle Shoot. - Singapore

"We met Becs last year when my parents were moving out of our family home. It was a multi-generation shoot including my 2 girls under the age of 5, and my mum who is extremely camera-shy! She made everyone feel extremely at ease with her bubbly personality and we are more than happy with the results! She has amazing attention to detail to capture the moments and areas that are dear to us. I've had a few friends commented to me some of the pictures remind them of classic painting. What can I say - we would love to have a shoot with her again!


Yong Huey Jiun - Mother. With regards Family Lifestyle Shoot. - Kuala Lumpur

"Rebecca has a knack for capturing ordinary moments and knitting them together into a touching narrative for posterity. Looking at the mosaic of images evokes a wealth of emotions and unspools a lifetime of memories. Work of this quality stems from the ability to listen with one's eyes, from a keen sense of the human condition. A brilliant visual storyteller. "


Hardeep - Father. With regards Family Lifestyle Shoot. - Jakarta

"We had a wonderful morning shoot in Jakarta's old city despite the heat! Becs was game for anything and really helped make the most of our day, as well as being our guide and entertainer. The quality of the photos is breathtaking, and as importantly, she captured the essence of who we are as a family. We couldn't have asked for anything more - Thank you!" 


Laura J Martin - Singer. With regards Press Shoot - UK

"I usually hate getting my picture taken, well I still do, but Becs made it as painless and enjoyable as possible. I felt completely at ease and the result was top notch. The pictures were natural, interesting and very flattering. I whole heartedly recommend her!"


Siriana Nair - Mother. With regards Family Lifestyle Shoot - Jakarta

"The pictures are lovely!  You did a terrific job - I'm so impressed.  Seriously, you are brilliant with the camera!  I haven't decided which one is my favorite - love the one you sent with the four of the kids on the bed.  But there were so many others where you  caught the kids with just the right expressions - the ones that are so typical of them!" 


Desiree - Mother. With regards Family Lifestyle Shoot - Jakarta

These photos make me happy. You are amazing! Thank you thank you thank you!I I know he will appreciate these. You captured each child's personality with a dash of Jakarta. I love the story they tell and will definitely be printing a photo photos make me happy. You are amazing! 


Jeanine Marteau @ Focus Film and Photography. With regards Pictorial Review.

"From portraits to places, Viveash’s versatile and vibrant portfolio brings a fresh look to our world and to photography, reviving how we see colour and giving it a new appreciation. Her images are also immensely textural, emotive and imaginative, this innovative work can surely help anyone looking for new inspiration to regenerate their own work or ideas or style"


​Ben Eshmade @ Arctic Circle Music. With regards Music Event Shots

"I have been consistently impressed by Becs and Viveash Photography since we first started working together. Her creative photography manages to capture the excitement, energy and feel of my events. And she manages to know whatI want or need without the need for instruction which is a rare yet brilliant skill. I can’t recommend her enough."



Sophie MItchell- Bride. With regards to Wedding Photography

"Wow! They are lovely! You deserve an award just for getting a photo of Pauls nan smiling!! Love the photo of the best man kissing Paul, looks like they have had a civil partnership!! Love the style you have done its exactly what we want. We had the best day ever and were really pleased with your style of working, you were there but you weren't up in our faces barking orders!"


Richard Knight @ Richard Knight Designs. With regards Photoillustions.

"Thanks so much for the Japanese collection - they are wonderful. Simply great! I am so happy that they came out so well! You are a brilliant find."

Louise Smith - Director @ Fly on the Wa​ll Coaching. With regards Corporate Shoot

"Working with Becs and her team has been really enjoyable, highly creative and refreshingly straightforward. 
When we first met, we gave her a very loose and complicated brief around the kind of pictures we wanted for our corporate event - we then left her to her own devises." Her ability to capture just what we wanted was truly outstanding.  She has a "nothing is too much trouble" approach which really comes into its own when the mayhem of a big gig is in full flood. On the day she became an extension to our team - sociable, funny and flexible.  The team thought she was great.  The clients didn't even realise they were being photographed. Everything came to light when we carried out a client review and they complimented the quality of the shots: "How they managed to capture the very essence of our event was amazing.  The images really portray the essence of what our university is all about.  They did a great job - we are so pleased."

Polly  Holmes - Director @ Ambition Ltd. With regards Corporate Event Shoot and Point of Sale Shoot
"Becs has worked on a few projects for our clients and produced fabulous photography, from arty retail images to capturing some fantastic and fun shots at corporate parties. Becs fits in to any situation and so professional, we happily let her do shoots with our client without us having to be present. Becs is a great versatile photographer and gets the results every time."

Kerry Smith @ Raymond Brown Construction. With regards to annual AGM.
"Thank you very much.  I emailed round the link yesterday, feedback has been brilliant and everyone thought you were amazing!!!!  We will definitely book you again for our next party!"


Richard Knight @ Richard Knight Designs. With regards Photoillustions.
"Thanks so much for the Japanese collection - they are wonderful. Simply great! I am so happy that they came out so well! You are a brilliant find."

Richard Saunders Chairman of the House Committee for Sheltern Housing​

“Becs provided some wonderful memories of the day.  The look on a 90-year-old’s face when an owl is about to land on their gauntleted arm is indescribable – but wonderful.  We had some lovely individual portraits, some group shots of residents and friends watching the display, the birds themselves, and finally a few shots of the residents interacting with the birds.  Becs has a rare talent, and she has  produced wonderful photos that will last and be a talking point for many a year”